Céges rendezvényekWedding ceremonies

Tercia Ltd has extended his business activity by party service in the years past. Nowadays we can provide the catering of events with a few or even hundreds of participants outside of our restaurants:

  • Wedding ceremonies, wedding-feasts
  • business events
  • Opening ceremonies
  • Receptions
  • House warming parties
  • Name- and Birthday parties
  • Garden parties and other events

We can provide complete organization of events by providing pavilions with voice and light technique, live music and entertainment.

Tercia - Fertőendréd

Tercia Fertőendréd
9442 Fertőendréd, Győri út 2.
Tel.: +36 99/544 640

Tercia - Kópháza

Tercia Kópháza
9495 Kópháza, Soproni út 54.
Tel.: +36 99/531 200

Tercia - Hubertus

Tercia Hubertus
9400 Sopron, Hubertusz út 1.
Tel.: +36 99/513 070

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